The Silent Intruder

Intruders are never welcome into your home or business the silent intruder should be no different.. water! The truth is in the wet spot, and so it be told that the water has already made itself a nice little highway in your buildings structure by the time you notice the signs. There are many reasons water leaks may occur and experience, knowledge, and investigation will win over speculation every time. Our attention to detail can not be beaten. If you've got a job that seems to have gone in the too hard pile. We are the team you need. We offer friendly expert advice to any problem you might have when it comes to water ingress, waterproofing or related issues. Domestic or commercial, we will find a watertight solution that suits you. We perform standard waterproofing services such as wet area waterproofing, planters, retaining walls, ponds and any other areas which require protection from water or moisture. *seal surfaces such as tiles, stonework, concrete and block-work to provide non-slip, sealed and mould resistant surfaces in any situation you require. We are also experienced and ticketed in industrial rope access for those hard to reach spots.

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